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Jamie Dupree has been around Congress longer than most lawmakers. His parents started work as House staffers in 1959. He was a House Page and Congressional intern in the early 1980’s. And since 1986, he’s been prowling the halls of Congress. He gives you not only access on Capitol Hill, but context and history about what’s happening.

Some of you might know Jamie’s reporting from his years on the radio. Some of you might know Jamie from the world of amateur radio, callsign NS3T. During the 2016 campaign, his voice was struck down by a rare neurological disorder. His voice might not work - but he can still deliver you the latest from the House and Senate.

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Digging into Congress and Washington


Capitol Hill reporter since the Reagan Administration. Yes, I'm the radio guy who lost the ability to speak. But I can still type - and I can still watch what happens in the Congress.